Melanie McEwan and Barney

My Story

I’m Melanie, and according to one of my very best friends, I live in a house of giants, a.k.a. my husband and two sons, all over 6 feet tall. They call me Teeny-Tiny Little Melanie!

My constant companion is the gorgeous bundle of fluff sitting on my knee: Barney – our Cavapoo dog…although he seems to think that he’s a teddy bear and should be cuddled all day. Not ideal when he ends up with some highlights in his fur.

We also share our home with four cats, or should I say the cats share their home.

We all live in the beautiful Scottish Borders, where I grew up.

I left to study Creative Arts and gained an Honours Degree, but was quickly lured back here.

After spending 14 years working in Early Years Education, I had reached that point in my life where I was ready for a change – a new adventure – a new challenge!

I am so fortunate to have a such a supportive family who are all with me 100% on this journey.

I take inspiration for my artwork from the stunning countryside around me, whether that be shape, colour or form.

The Northumberland coast is a favourite place to visit, and it has inspired many of my seascapes.

A visit to Holy Island (pictured here) with its majestic beauty and glorious beaches seems to have restorative powers for me.

I particularly like the colours of the sea, the seashore and sky, and love to experiment with them in acrylic pour paintings.

I send my pictures created with love “from my part of the world to yours”.

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I’ll post them in my wee village postbox on my daily walk